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I had a very comfortable and reassuring treatment in a pleasant environment. I have had similar colon hydrotherapy treatments, nutritional testing and advice at other providers but must say I am happiest with Optimal Health and Wellness because of the care and attention I received. I can recommend with confidence.

Glenys, 64

I had educated myself in colon hydrotherapy after hearing how good it is to have done from a few close friends. I was very shocked to learn how ‘my gut’ has so many effects on my health and how it can make me feel. With this information and as nervous as I felt about it, I decided to go ahead and book an appointment. The therapist, Ann-Marie explained to me how I need to prepare myself before attending to get the best from my treatment. On arrival I was made to feel at ease as soon as I stepped in the clinic, for me this was very important as I have never had anything like this before, I had the treatment, it felt strange at first but after a few minutes I was told to relax and not to worry about a thing, the therapist explained to me what she was doing every step of the way, and massaged my stomach whilst performing the treatment. I immediately felt less bloated. The next morning I felt amazing much to my delight, I was full of energy and got right up out of bed! Since then I have taken her advice on my eating habits and continue to feel much better. I have booked my next appointment and look forward to having it done to continue with a much better, healthy life.

Scott, 33

Ann-Marie was extremely professional and very informative. She made me feel very calm when I was a little nervous and both the consultation room and treatment room were very welcoming and comfortable. I had the food intolerance test which was very easy and in-depth and provided some interesting results. I then had a colonic hydrotherapy treatment which was actually very relaxing. I came out of the treatment feeling rejuvenated and more awake than I have felt in ages plus the bloating that I have suffered from for years was almost completely gone. I felt great. I have also suffered with depression in the past and since my treatment, I have felt a lot happier in myself. Plus my skin is looking a lot healthier which has always been a bit of a problem area. The nutritional plan that I received was extremely easy to follow and has some delicious recipes and since my treatment and following the plan I have also lost weight and inches from my stomach. I look forward to my next treatment and highly recommend Ann-Marie to anyone looking to make changes to their health and lifestyle.

Hannah, 36

Having suffered from intolerance problems for years I had been looking to have a test done which is both accurate and affordable, the test was very straightforward and proved some very interesting results which showed intolerance to foods I have actually been eating on a daily basis, since cutting these out of my diet I have felt a whole lot better! I felt very comfortable with Ann-Marie, she was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I will be booking in to try the colonic hydrotherapy as I have heard some amazing results, I have already recommended Optimal Health and Wellness and will continue to do so!

Giorgia, 23

I decided to pay a visit to Optimal Health & Wellness as I had been dieting and going to the gym for 6 months and getting no results.  I am going through the menopause and thought all my complaints were due to this.   I felt tired and I had a number of issues stemming from skin complaints to swollen stomach.  I had a Food intolerance test which showed that I had a Candida overgrowth.  On having my first colonic I felt lighter and my stomach felt softer.  I found the room clean and hygienic and very warm and comfortable.  The process was not uncomfortable as I had feared.  I have felt more energised and not so tired and I feel more uplifted in my mood.  The whole experience was very professional and I would highly recommend this warm and friendly service.
Yvette, 50

I came for my first appointment with Ann-Marie for a Colonic Hydrotherapy yesterday and to say she was amazing is an understatement in every way. She put me at ease as soon as I walked through the door, answered all my questions, carried out the most professional treatment I have ever experienced, spoke me through absolutely everything she was going to do, went through all aftercare in thorough detail making sure I understood exactly what my body needed after treatment & what to expect. I came out feeling refreshed & revitalised aswell as a lot flatter around the abdominal area. I will 100% be back for another treatment and recommend her highly to everyone. I could not have asked for a more friendly, confident, professional therapist to carry out such a personal treatment and am so glad I decided to have it done. Thank you so much Ann-Marie! I will be back soon and you can definitely expect for me to be bringing people along too!

Zoe, 23

I would highly recommend Ann-Marie as a colonic therapist, very professional and really knew her stuff! I felt relaxed from the moment I arrived and had amazing results in a very clean and calm environment.

Claire, 38

My weight had been creeping up over the last few years and had a big problem with constipation. A friend suggested I talked to Anne-Marie. She gave me some very sensible dietary advice as well as colon hydrotherapy treatments. I was very sceptical about these treatments but they were conducted very sensitively and the benefits have been amazing . In 3 months I have lost over a stone in weight, I have been sleeping better than I have in years, the arthritic pain in my wrists has disappeared, my nails are stronger and are growing far more quickly and I have far more energy. I still have some way to go but I feel very positive that I will be leading a much healthier life from now on. 
Jill,  71

I had my first ever treatment last Saturday, and I have had multiple benefits seen this week. The treatment itself was very calming and Ann-Marie was very reassuring to me as I had never been through this experience before. She was very informative and explained the whole process to me. We had a good laugh throughout the treatment and the after care advice given was very use. I have already recommended Optimal Health to some of my friends and I will definitely use the service again.. 10/10 for everything 🙂
Rachel, 24

I would highly recommend Ann-Marie to anyone who is suffering from digestive issues. this was my first Colonic treatment and naturally I was quite nervous and embarrassed, Ann-Marie made me feel so at ease and welcome – after the initial embarrassment she really did make me feel relaxed and completely took my mind off of what was actually happening. it’s very clear she knows her stuff and is extremely well educated, which equally is reassuring in this kind of treatment (as you can imagine). After experiencing a few cramps the following day, my body seems to be ‘working as normal’, which is a huge relief and I couldn’t be more grateful for Ann-Maries help. I will most definitely be going back.

Emma, 27

I can honestly say Optimal Health and Wellness was filled with bespoke beautiful décor and clean whilst having little touches for a clients visit to be feeling like 5 star service was only ever going to be provided…And it was! I was greeted and looked after by Ann Marie she is amazing by the way! We sat down on some very comfy beautiful sofas and Ann Marie went through a detailed consultation filling me with confidence as each step was taken ensuring any nerves were completely gone! I actually found everything knowledgeable and relaxing if anything. 

Aimee, 29

When I arrived to Optimal health, I was feeling a tad nervous but most of all excited. My nerves finally calmed down when I was greeted by The lovely Ann Marie . She has an extremely calming and welcoming aura to her – Before we began the procedure Ann Marie asked me about my diet and regularity. She then proceeded to describe the process and assured me that there would not be pain or discomfort– I actually found it relaxing.

After the session Ann Marie gave me a list of what types of supplements I should be taking and changes in my diet.
I had booked three sessions. I had two in the first week and the third session in my second week. I felt immediate results after each procedure.  I had more energy, I felt increasingly lighter.
Long term. I have suffered with chronic constipation from as a child. – I am now regularly and frequently going to the bathroom.

Would I do it again? Heck yes!! I’ll be there as the seasons change – doing my thing and jump-starting my seasonal cleanses. If anyone is going to get this procedure done for the first time, they must go to Ann Marie. Not only does she have extensive knowledgeable  about gut health, she makes the entire process calming, fun and you don’t even feel embarrassed.

Hannah, 26

Had the colon cleanse three days ago and I can honestly say with my hand in my heart it was such a positive experience. Pain free and not the slightest bit on discomfort. Highly recommend and will be going back here.

Sophie, 34

There I was ready to go to my first colonic treatment. I was very nervous as I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. After the initial consultation with Ann-Marie I felt ready to do this. She made me feel very relaxed about this and explained exactly the procedure of the treatment. I can honestly say after the first treatment I felt amazing. My bloating had gone down and I felt awake and energetic. In total I have had 4 colonics and feel absolutely great. I can only recommend Ann-Marie, she is very professional and she makes you really comfortable about it. I did not think I would say I was looking forward to more colonics but I did end up looking forward to them. Go and see Ann-Marie she is amazing and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Karina, 49

I have always suffered with bloating and IBS, and after quitting smoking my problems just escalated! Anne-Marie is professional and kind and always has the clients best interest and comfort at heart! Anne-Marie shows so much passion towards health and well-being, she clearly knows her stuff! 2 treatments later and I can not tell you how much better I feel already, once again there is a spring in my step! Thankyou!

Stephanie, 29