Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a very gentle and effective method of cleansing the colon/large intestine/bowel of encrusted faecal matter, gas and mucus. It is achieved through the infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum.

How can it help?

A healthy, well-functioning colon is essential for the maintenance of body and mind optimal health. Today’s diet consists mostly of animal proteins, processed food, fat, sugar and stress. These food products overload the colon with accumulated waste and toxins which disable the body’s natural purification system. By removing this harmful waste material, the process of detoxification is given a real boost and your immune system can start to help itself as it can breathe easily again. There are numerous serious health issues linked to an unhealthy gut including, but not limited to;

  • Diabetes
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Depression/Mood swings
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation and Joint Pain
Colon Hydrotherapy | Food Intolerance Testing | Nutritional Advice | Optimal Health and Wellbeing | Southend | Essex

What are the more specific benefits?

More specific benefits can include; increased energy, improved circulation, clearer skin and eyes, mental clarity, weight improvement, better digestion, relief from bloating. Colon Hydrotherapy can also assist the body with healing a variety of conditions including;

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Excessive Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Allergies
  • Skin Problems (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema)
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Abnormal body odour
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
Colon Hydrotherapy | Food Intolerance Testing | Nutritional Advice | Optimal Health and Wellbeing | Southend | Essex

Will it disrupt the natural balance of intestinal flora/bacteria?

All colons have a balance of beneficial (good) and pathological (bad) bacteria within them that is integral to maintaining the proper function of digestion. The most of good bacteria is contained in the intestinal wall and therefore not washed away during a colonic. Colon hydrotherapy will help to reduce the bad bacteria and toxic environment that it thrives in and create an improved, habitable environment in which good bacteria can repopulate and flourish.

Is it safe?

Colonic Hydrotherapy is completely safe when performed by a qualified, certified therapist. We only utilise approved devices and single use, disposable equipment. Therapists are RICTAT trained and certified and adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Are there any circumstances in which I cannot/should not have a colonic?

Yes, indeed there are certain medical conditions (contraindications) which will prevent you from having the treatment including recent abdominal surgeries, pregnancy etc. Your medical questionnaire will highlight such conditions to the therapist who will discuss with you further, it is for this reason that honesty and transparency during your initial and follow up consultations is of paramount importance.

Does it hurt?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a relaxing process of receiving and releasing water according to the body’s natural rhythm and no different a movement than that of the usual defecation/excretion. A minor amount of discomfort may possibly be felt during insertion of the small speculum but this lasts a matter of seconds. There is a possibility of experiencing a brief cramping sensation, this is as a result of toxic waste detaching from the intestinal walls and leaving the body.

Is it embarrassing?

Not at all. You are left to put on a full length gown in the privacy and comfort of your own private treatment room. Your dignity is maintained at all times. Our therapists completely understand the sensitivity of the procedure and will strive to make you feel at ease throughout the entirety of the treatment. The system is completely enclosed which means there is no odour and no mess.

Do I need to prepare?

You can answer this question by asking yourself this, how much return do you want on the invaluable investment you have already made in improving your health? If you want the most possible then please follow these steps;

  •  In the days before your treatment please ensure you are fully hydrated by consuming at least 2 litres of filtered water daily (you should be doing this as a matter of routine already)
  • Eat a diet of low starch, non-gas forming vegetables and grains.
  • Try to avoid dairy produce, red meats shellfish, processed carbohydrates, fried foods and sugar for as long as possible before your session (or forever if you can!)
  • Try to include fresh juices and smoothies in your daily routine
  • Do not eat or drink anything two hours before your session

Of course these are just suggestions for how to achieve maximum results from your treatment however, if you do anything at all, it must be the last two steps regarding alcohol and nil by mouth two hours prior to your treatment.

What happens during a colonic?

When you arrive, you will complete the client medical questionnaire with the therapist and have the opportunity to ask any further questions you may have. When you are comfortable and ready to proceed you will be left to undress in the fully self-contained treatment room and put on the gown that is supplied to you. You also have the option to wear disposable underwear also provided. When you are ready, the therapist will return and guide you to the treatment table. You will be asked to lay on your left hand side and bring your knees to your chest. The sterile, lubricated speculum will then be gently inserted into the rectum. A gentle flow of warm, filtered water will then be introduced into the colon. Water pressure and temperature are continually monitored and maintained by the therapist to ensure the most effective colon cleansing experience. Throughout the treatment the therapist will utilise highly effective techniques including abdominal massage to get the best results from the session. After approximately 45 minutes the speculum is removed and you are left alone to visit the bathroom if further release is required.

What happens after the treatment?

Most people continue with their day as usual. You may not have a bowel movement for as long as a few days as the colon has been emptied. People often experience increased energy and vitality and a heightened feeling of purity. Some people can experience a feeling of lethargy but this is all dependent on the health of the individual. You will be supplied with a good quality probiotic after your treatment to re-inoculate your system with the good bacteria you need. You are welcome to sit and rest in the comfortable waiting area until you feel your energy levels are replenished and your thoughts are collected if you wish. Please only eat very light, pure and easy to digest foods after your treatment. Allow your body to continue with the healing process you have initiated through colonics rather than overloading it immediately with heavy, hard to digest foods. Avoid alcohol as it will go straight to your head and quite probably cause stomach discomfort as it will be very harsh on your freshly cleansed system.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions required varies according to the condition of the colon, your general health and your wellbeing goals. This will be discussed during your consultation periods and continually assessed throughout the course of your treatment. Typically one colonic will not entirely empty the colon. Many of us have a considerable amount of impacted faecal matter in our colon, it is estimated that the average adult is holding between 5 and 20 pounds of toxic waste in their digestive system. One session can have outstanding results that are further perpetuated by following treatments. At no time whatsoever must you exceed 12 treatments in a year. The spacing of treatments will depend entirely upon your personal situation and again must be considered on an individual basis.

What is the difference between an enema and colonic hydrotherapy?

The basic principle behind both enemas and colonics is the same; they are both methods used to flush waste from the colon via water introduced through the rectum however, there are notable differences between the two. An enema introduces between 0.5-2.0 litres of water into the rectum, this water travels approximately 6-8 inches up into the colon and is then held there for about 20 minutes. Retaining such a volume of water can be uncomfortable and self-administering requires a serious degree of concentration thus making it difficult to feel relaxed. A colonic is more soothing, thorough and less inconvenient. Water is able to travel further into the colon, at a greater quantity so it may permeate the folds of the colon and saturate impacted waste located in the colon. Muscle action of the colon is stimulated by the minutely pressurised water entering it, which provides exercise, toning and reshaping of a weakened colon. There is no mess and no odour with colonic hydrotherapy and it is administered by a therapist so that the individual can relax and release seamlessly.

Do laxatives do the same thing?

Laxatives are irritants to both the body and the colon. In order to evacuate the irritant, a thin watery substance is produced by the colon to remove it but impacted toxins and waste are left behind. Prolonged use of laxatives can cause dehydration and may cause the bowel to become lazy.

Will I lose weight?

You may lose some weight from the elimination of stored waste. It will not be fat or cellulite that you are losing. You could possible lose inches around the abdomen area if considerable amounts of gas are removed that were previously causing bloating.

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