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Here at Optimal Health & Wellness we specialise in Colon Hydrotherapy, Food Intolerance Testing and Nutritional Advice and Support. The amalgamation of these services creates an immensely effective tool to help you achieve an optimum level of health and wellness.

The clinic is dedicated to promoting health, healing and happiness. We aim to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and education to enable them to reach an optimal level of health and wellness. An all-encompassing, fully supportive service makes your journey to a well-balanced lifestyle achievable with the utmost of ease and comfort.

The therapists are RICTAT (International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers) and GRCCT (The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies) trained and certified to the highest professional standards. The premises and the therapists are fully and comprehensively insured. Treatments are provided in an impeccably clean and comfortable environment utilising industry standard and approved equipment and sterile, disposable supplies. Our clients are treated with complete kindness, courtesy and respect.

At Optimal Health & Wellness we will work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan that will have the sole purpose of achieving a more energized, rejuvenated and healthy you.

Ann-Marie Marshall of Optimal Health and Wellness in Essex UK

Hello, my name is Ann-Marie Marshall BSc (Hons) HND, HNC, CHT and I established the Optimal Health & Wellness clinic in Essex after realising the importance of colon hydrotherapy and its myriad of great benefits. Throughout my adult life, my weight has fluctuated and I have tried every measure of detox, fad and crash dieting. Nothing seemed to last and nothing made me feel ultimately better, although slimmer. I visited the Doctor who diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Disorder. I wasn’t happy with this and the fact that it’s “just one of those things” so I started to conduct research regarding all of my symptoms combined (acne, psoriasis, stubborn weight, headaches, mood swings, severe abdominal cramping) and read about Candida and overgrowth of Candida Albicans in the gut.

I decided to have a food intolerance test performed and it became apparent from the results of the test and the various intolerances, coupled with my consistent health complaints, that I had a considerable case of candidiasis in my gut. Again, back to the research board and it became quite clear to me the general consensus for the first step to tackling this condition was colon hydrotherapy. So I booked in for my first colonic. I did not know what to expect and was understandably nervous. After I relaxed into the treatment, I felt an unbelievable sense of cleansing and lightening. That evening I went to sleep feeling refreshed and clean. From then I devised my own plan to fight the candida with supplements, antifungals and food along with the colonics. After only 4 weeks I was looking and feeling better than I had done in over a decade. My family were flabbergasted and wanted to know exactly what it was I was doing to produce these results. My father followed in my footsteps and had a food intolerance test performed, the same results were displayed for him so we followed the program together and soon enough he too was looking and feeling fantastic. The amazing thing about resetting your entire system is you realise just how much discomfort you have been putting up with for such a period of time and just suffering it because “that’s what we do” and it almost becomes normal. It’s not normal. Fast forward three months and after a food intolerance retest I had seemingly eradicated the candida overgrowth and my severe intolerances had now disappeared. I was able to reintroduce the good foods that had previously been eliminated. My life was back with a vengeance!

My obsession with feeling great naturally continued and I started to research on a regular basis, all naturopathic and holistic approaches to various ailments and conditions. One of the world’s greatest philosophers stated: “Let food be thy medicine”. This is a mantra I believe in. Although not in the health and wellbeing industry at the time, I actively pursued the healthier lifestyle and kept up the colonic hydrotherapy when it was required.

Early last year I suffered a horrific car crash. The crash completely changed my life, perspectives and priorities and after some consideration, I decided to change my career completely and become a colon hydrotherapist. I also wanted to be able to look further into the nutritional advisory/therapy segment of the industry. I trained with the Midlands School of Colon Hydrotherapy under the highly respected and RICTAT official trainer, Kelly Hopley BA (Hons), CHT, DNN, QTS. I studied in great depth the topic of Anatomy & Physiology to achieve my Diploma alongside the colon hydrotherapy qualification. I also gained the necessary qualification to be able to offer Nutritional Advice and specialist detox programs to my clients.

Having to change your entire diet to address either food intolerances or other health complaints can be a very intimidating and confusing occurrence. I experienced first-hand the challenge of finding the right plan or program to get one’s self back to optimal health. I have dedicated all of my time to finding the best tools to fix this predicament. My one true aim is to try to improve the health and wellbeing of you, the individual. Whatever your situation or concern, I want to be able to offer you the best level of support and assistance I can through a variety of services offered here at Optimal Health & Wellness.

Good health is your greatest wealth, nurture and protect it. Please.

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